When Ads and Headlines Don’t Go As Planned

If you don’t work at these newspapers, you probably got a good laugh out of these headlines. And if you do work there? It may take a few years.

Does everything happen on Foster Road in this town?

This “Dream Holiday” banner ad could have waited for a day when the lead image was NOT a capsized cruise ship.

Magazines can be just as guilty as newspapers, but with all the eyeballs that must have looked at this spread, there’s really no excuse for this one slipping through.

Unlike print newspapers, there is less control over headline placement in the internet world. Thus we see the good and the bad (the really, really bad) of metal straws.

Online advertising also turns up in inopportune places.

Riding the New York subway got a little more interesting for commuters who noticed these two billboards.

Some billboards are so obvious, they must be intentional. These Huggies vs Hitman ads surely fit that description. Or, just as likely, they are the Photoshop creation of some devious mind.

Maybe people shouldn’t take ad slogans so literally.

Here’s what I’m wondering: Did this nursing home use this tragedy to advertise for new residents? Because I don’t think it’s going to work. More than likely, the sign was already up and nobody thought to take it down before the news cameras showed up. Thus, we’re left with this unfortunate juxtaposition.